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LM Instrumentation and its partners have a history of many years of successful collaboration to meet the precise customer requirements and specifications.

In particular, by proposing robust products, tested and approved by our teams.

Our partners


Aquametro has been designing and distributing measurement and control systems since 1928.

The Aquametro product range is designed for marine, mobile machinery and industrial applications.

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A.S.T, located in Spain, is a European filial of Maximatecc.

A.S.T manufactures and markets instrumentation products mainly for agricultural and industrial applications.

The product range includes instrument panels, sensors and indicators.

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CrossControl is a brand of the Maximatecc group.

Based in Sweden, Crosscontrol specializes in the design of displays and ECUs.

LM Instrumentation also relies on a team of embedded software developers to offer programming, implementation of software architecture and training.

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Founded in 1970, Datcon (Dimensional And Time CONtrol) is a specialist in vehicle instrumentation.

Datcon is a brand of the Maximatecc group. The product range comprises tachometers, indicators, sensors and accessories.

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Honeywell is an international company founded in 1906.

The company offers a complete range of limit switches, pressure transmitters, pressure switches and position sensors.

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Keya, located in Spain, has been manufacturing ignition key switches for all applications since 1965.

Their range is mainly adapted to industrial and marine vehicles.

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Maximatecc is a group specializing in engine instrumentation and control systems.

The Maximatecc group includes the following brands:

Datcon (USA), Stewart Warner (USA), AST (Spain) et Crosscontrol (Sweden).

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Nason is based in South Carolina, USA.

Specialized in sensing components, Nason offers a complete range of temperature and pressure switches.

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NORIS is associated with innovative measurement and automation technology "Made in Germany".
The NORIS product range also includes :

Sensors, converters and indicators for temperature, pressure and speed.

Monitoring, control and safety systems for machine rooms and marine applications.

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Stewart Warner is a Maximatecc brand.

Recognized in the field of vehicle instrumentation, this company has been present in the instrumentation market since 1905.

The Stewart Warner product range consists mainly of tachometers, instrument panels, mechanical and electronic gauges, hourmeters, transmitters, sensors and other accessories.

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